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Branding your Business: Are you the Tomato or the Tomatoe?

You say “tomato” and I say “tomatoe” but really what is the difference? You could say a “tomato” is a red juicy vegetable that is sweet in taste. Where as I can say a “tomatoe” is a succulent crimson sphere full nectar from the heavens. The point here is a “tomatoe” really is a “tomato” […]

Marketing for your business: Investment or Expense?

How are YOU defining your marketing investments? Does the manner in which you define these investments effect your decision process? And if it does, is the effect positive or negative? Marketing investments are expenditures that create tools that will continue to drive value and impact sales well after the cost to create the tool is spent. […]

The Importance of a Press Release

What is the importance of a press release, have you ever wondered why some companies get free publicity from newspapers and magazines, while others struggle to find a customer base? One of the reasons for this dichotomy is that the best companies utilize press releases. Press releases are a type of marketing that only takes […]

Online Business Directories

Online business directories are still popping up all over the internet and there is a good reason why. The online directories work as well as the phonebook or Yellow Pages, but let users search through the online site for the same information in the paper book. Users can even download apps to their smart phones […]

The Benefits of Offline Business Directories

There are a ton of online business directories flooded throughout the web and offline business directories are being ignored more each day. The question is if you as a small business owner should invest any of your advertising budget into an offline directory in order to acquire more customers. The Yellow Pages is perhaps the […]

Using Twitter to Reach Customers

Millions of businesses around the world use Twitter on a daily basis and no matter what your business does or sells, you should have and use a Twitter account. Twitter is a social networking site used by both business owners and individuals. The site lets you create an account and a username for that account. […]

What Your Website Needs

One of the first things you need for web marketing is a website. The next thing you need is to decide if you are a better match for co-op marketing or enterprise marketing. Several episodes of the hit NBC show “The Office” dealt with the fictional company launching its new site. One of the characters […]

Childcare Small Businesses

Do you love being around kids and have children of your own? If you answered, “yes”, then launching your own daycare business might be a good choice for you. Many daycare centers and afterschool programs in the country started because the owner needed a way to make money, while still raising children at home. Depending […]

Cut Down on Shipping Costs

It does not matter what type of business you own; you still spend a good portion of your budget on shipping expenses. Shipping expenses are especially important when you have a mail order business that involves shipping items to clients and customers. The costs are even higher for small businesses because they do not have […]

Small Business Food Ideas

No matter what the economy looks like, or how little money people have, everyone still needs to eat and have food to survive. Even in the bleakest economy, food businesses still have customers because those businesses provide something that customers need. The world of food businesses actually encompasses multiple types of companies. Some companies require […]


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