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Marketing Budget: Why it is Important for your Business

It is critical that businesses owners invest in marketing gurus; like #acqyro and the #acqyrobusinessculture  because marketing is much more than advertising and promotions. Your marketing budget must cover several areas that include planning, pricing, and distribution of the product or service. In order to stay competitive with your competition and maximize your profits businesses […]

Branding your Business: Are you the Tomato or the Tomatoe?

You say “tomato” and I say “tomatoe” but really what is the difference? You could say a “tomato” is a red juicy vegetable that is sweet in taste. Where as I can say a “tomatoe” is a succulent crimson sphere full nectar from the heavens. The point here is a “tomatoe” really is a “tomato” […]

The Importance of a Press Release

What is the importance of a press release, have you ever wondered why some companies get free publicity from newspapers and magazines, while others struggle to find a customer base? One of the reasons for this dichotomy is that the best companies utilize press releases. Press releases are a type of marketing that only takes […]

Online Advertising Tips and Insight

Online marketing is tricky business if you don’t know what you’re getting involved with. It is a lot more cost-effective and targeted than traditional advertising, but it can be hard to understand at first. Getting your foot in the door is even more difficult amongst the millions of companies that are already advertising online. It […]

Customer Acquisition Tips

When it comes to getting customers into your business, it’s all about knowing where to find them and who you’re looking for. Luckily for you, there is a type of digital marketing that focuses on finding people who are already looking for a business like yours. Here are a few customer acquisition tips to keep […]

Online Marketing Solutions

Marketing was once everything in the world of business. Now, marketing in general is still important but utilizing online marketing solutions is a must. Online marketing is defined as the marketing and promotion of products and/or services over the internet. A lot of organizations still struggle to figure out how to market in the age of Google […]

Marketing Your Large Business

When you’re a large business owner, you may think that your sheer size can help you with marketing and increasing your visibility. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. You still have to take the time to develop effective marketing strategies and create a plan so that people know who you are, where you are, and […]

Co-Op Marketing Solutions

Co-op marketing is not only affordable but it is also highly effective for businesses of all sizes. The new model of cooperative marketing solutions is all about taking what someone else has already done and customizing it for yourself. One provider will offer marketing strategies and promotional solutions for businesses. The business (you) will invest […]

Business Coaching and Mentors- Learn from Others’ Experience

Marketing a business is never easy. In the online world, it can become even more of a complexity because there is so much to learn and think about. Fortunately, you can find experienced business mentors who can help you learn effective marketing and how to get more out of your business, no matter what you […]

Business Coaching and Mentoring- Learn from Others

Learning how to market in the age of Google can be difficult. It’s a completely different world when it comes to online advertising and you have to know how to capitalize on these things so that you can get more out of your business. Business coaching is something that almost every business owner can benefit […]


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