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Administrative Assistants: A League all their Own

Are you looking to become an administrative assistant but aren’t sure of the job requirements? Well let’s take a look at the front line and see. Administrative assistants are more than a secretary; in fact, they have their hands in many cookie jars to ensure that flow of communication stays intact, tasks are completed on […]

Social Media: Creating a Following

In a world where the limits of traditional marketing are being tested you have to ask how social media can help you and your business. The facts are that engaging with your potential customer base results in increase in customer interaction. You are no longer out of sight, out of mind but showing the customer […]

Here’s what it takes to be a General Manager

When it comes to hiring a General Manager most employers are looking for candidates with very strong leadership capabilities, great communication skills at all levels and an individual with clear determination and commitment to being successful. There are many specific tasks that general managers are responsible for. Their knowledge and abilities must include general and basic know-how […]

Phone Etiquette: How to have Effective Communication

As customer service providers, communication is mandatory to achieve success. To further this point let’s look at the Merriam Webster definition for communication. Com-mu-ni-ca-tion is the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings etc., to someone else. Now that we […]

Business Consultants: The Solution to Business Problems

Business owners have a tendency to focus on the day to day processes to keep their business running this often leads to mismanagement and loss of financial resources. A business stuck in the day to day is like an ocean liner without navigation it simply doesn’t work. When businesses are in trouble there is a […]

A Guide to Surviving the Red-Eye

If you can sleep in the upright position all night, then overnight flights were made for you. For the rest of us, however, the red-eye flight can be challenging and exhausting. Trading a bed for an airline seat is a serious comfort downgrade, but these tips can help you get through your next red-eye experience […]

Beating the Daily Grind: Tips to increase Productivity

It is inevitable that as you work the same job day in and day out that some aspects will become monotonous and you will find yourself procrastinating. This is a normal action that can be combated with a few tips to boost your productivity. Being more productive and proactive in your job will make you […]

The Art to Getting your Resume Noticed

With the job market full of applicants it can often be hard to get your resume to be given the shot it deserves. Generally speaking a resume needs to grab the attention of your potential employer within 15 seconds. Let’s think about that for just a moment…15 seconds is a blink of an eye and that […]

How to Create Customers for Life

In business customers come in two facets: new and existing. Business owners often look at business success as the growth of new customers and forget about retaining their existing customers. The act of keeping customers is known as customer retention but here at #acqyro we like to call it the customer for life program. Building […]

Is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Right for You?

If you are contemplating starting a business, you’ve probably heard these abbreviations: LLC, LLP, LP, S Corp and C Corp. In the past, partnerships and corporations were the only formation options available for new business owners. Now, more business formation options are available, and many prospective entrepreneurs are forming limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited partnerships (LPs). When looking […]


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