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Leadership Development: How to Increase Your Perceived Value


When considering value, perception can be as important as reality. Think of perceived value as the worth a company, person, product or service has in the mind of another. A consumer’s perceived value of a good or service affects the price that he or she is willing to pay for it. Unfortunately, the same goes for people when it comes to first impressions. Working on increasing your own perceived value would not only be helpful at work, but in life as well. This concept is important to leadership development. The key to increasing one’s perceived value is authenticity. Experienced leaders have found perceived value only increases when it is pursued with genuineness. Here are a few tips to get you started.


When looking to increase one’s perceived worth, consistent punctuality is mandatory. Do you know anyone that has difficulty making it to appointments on time? Do you know of a co-worker that takes two hour lunches on a regular basis? How did that make you feel – annoyed, ignored, devalued?

The bottom line is, though showing up late is occasionally unavoidable, being late consistently will decrease your perceived value.  If you can’t show up to an appointment in a timely manner, then make sure you inform the expectant party with a sensible reason. (Think: Golden Rule) Punctuality is tough for some personality types, but it is necessary if you wish to increase the possibility of future positive life changing opportunities which are influenced greatly by your perceived value by others.

Dress For the Job You Want

Fair or not, first impressions stick when you meet someone. If you are hoping to work with a specific group of individuals, then you will need to dress accordingly. For example, if you work in a call center but you desire to be in an office position, then you will need to dress the part.

Stay Positive, Keep Looking Up

When you display a positive attitude on a regular basis, then you tend to attract more positive people and situations to you. It is rare that habitual complainers are offered new job or life opportunities. They won’t like it anyway, so why offer? (Think: Eeyor from Winnie the Pooh) There are plenty of office gossips to compete with but there are few genuine professionals expressing consistent positivity. Try to get into the habit of responding to co-workers or managers in a positive way. If someone complains to you about a specific individual then respond with professionalism. You get to decide what to say and how to say it. Managers find openly positive employees more trustworthy and promotable.

Communication is Key: Don’t Ask, Don’t Get!

Entrepreneurs and managers alike desire quality people to join their team effort. If you are looking for better opportunities then it is important to communicate your feelings to those that may be able to help you get what you want. Talk to your boss about your potential and get to know the people in the Human Resources department. Both are usually more than willing to help you attain your goals.

There are many tools that can help with leadership development. Learning how to increase your perceived value is important if you wish to see more positive opportunities come into your life. A good stepping stone is to focus on the above tips. Making it to appointments on time, dressing for the life you want, staying positive and communicating your goals clearly to others will get you started in the right direction. Working with a professional coach is an approach that many successful leaders are taking.




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