I received a phone call from the #1 magazine for women’s fitness in the country to invite me to an exclusive opportunity to be listed as the sole resource for coaching for our particular region. When I asked how they found out about our coaching business, they said after several searches online using various programs our business continued to come up, so they contacted us.

Three months ago we hired AcQyro and joined their Local (Co-Op) model to help us create a landing page leveraging all the right elements of SEO and Google to help our potential clients locate us online. And as a result the #1 women’s fitness magazine located us for a business opportunity. Kate and I knew we needed to have this exposure online and also knew that we did not have the time nor knowledge to effectively position ourselves online, but Pam and the entire team at AcQyro did. Plus, by participating in the Local (Co-Op) we were able to leverage not only our resources, but also those of the wellness industry and physical training industries to help us gain even more exposure. While we passed on this particular opportunity, it is nice to know that not only our clients but alliances are seeking us out and finding us instead of us working so hard to try to find and acquire them. Thank you AcQyro!

Melinda Cohan, The Coaching Advantage

“Accounting and Taxes is what I do, not marketing, I have spent money on advertising and marketing in the past with little or no return. After meeting with my AcQyro customer acquisition consultant he recommended the AcQyro Local (Co-Op) program to get me started. In the first week I got five phone calls and a new client from my Local (Co-Op) web page. Easy to use and measure. It doesn’t take an accountant to figure out this works and I am getting a return on my investment. Thanks AcQyro!”

Atlas Tax and Accounting ~Elisa Arnold

“Over the last 20 years we have used just about every form of advertising and marketing. It is very important that we track our ad spend and know that every dollar spent gives a return on investment of at least two hundred to one over the life of the customer.

We track our life time customer value and we work hard to keep our customers happy. The best return on marketing we have experienced in the past was 226% life time customer value ROI. We know that our average customer will stay with us for 7.2 years.

We also track immediate ROI, this is the ROI we see on our ad spend from a new customers first visit. The best return we have had on this statistic in 20 years of tracking was 18.9% ROI and that was 10 years ago.

After the first 30 days of our AcQyro campaign we had an immediate ROI of 283.3%. These are measured in net profit and not gross sales. The next best media in that same month was only .98%. The life time value of these new AcQyro customers is going to place our tracking numbers at a new high.

Keep up the good work!”

Agape Auto Service ~Chris Loewy