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Steve Borek

Steve Borek

Steve Borek works with:

Millennials, primarily late 20's and early 30's, who are head of companies and want to grow their businesses and become better leaders.

High Potentials who are people management has targeted as playing a bigger game withing the organization.

Salespeople that want to raise their game to another level. You've got pretty good selling skills though you're looking for accountability and at times need someone to kick your ass.

* You want to build an impossible future
* You want to create an attractive, profitable business.
* You're in transition and wondering, "What's next?"
* You're a high potential looking to move up in the organization.
* Leaders that are tired of the status quo.
* You dread your job, industry, boss, company, etc. and want to do something different. Though your either unsure of what "it" is, or need help defining the next chapter.

My Services:

  • Business Coaching


Steve Borek has help me be committed to get better.
In the time that we've spent together, it's given me an internal tool set to help the other person I'm talking to.
Steve gets Gen Y'rs. We care about larger goals that help others. We want to change the world for the better, not just to have better things.
I want to create an impossible future by shaking industries, communities, cultures, and the world.
Steve helps me to believe I can create an impossible future.
Jeremy Vyska, Generation Y CEO, Boston, MA

Our coaching calls gives me one hour a week to hit the pause button and focus on what's really important. Things have taken off for me and my company. Steve Borek, you rock!
Nick Cosimano, Generation Y CEO, Albany, NY

I worked with Steve Borek to get focused on my goals. Being a Type A sales rep, I was looking to get a daily focus and crush my goals. I've purchased other systems that were four times the price yet fell short. Steve's goal setting system delivers. Eighteen months later, Steve's system has me on track and it takes only 10 minutes a day. Steve's knowledge and ability to unleash my dormant potential and reveal what was holding me back shined through. Inside the first two months, it was evident that all the questions and changes paid off. If you want to take your game to the next level, hire Steve today.
Brennon Bower, Generation Y, Sales Executive, Syracuse, NY

I requested a free coaching session from Steve Borek via Noomi and I am so grateful I reached out to him. Aside from appreciating Steve's confidence and straight forward manner, Steve also gave me a key piece of information to help in in my own quest to become a coach. I enjoyed my session with Steve, and would recommend him to anyone. He is a top notch ICF coach.
Adam Gordon, Millennial Business Owner, Chicago, IL

This coaching was most helpful. The sessions helped me greatly in clarifying goals and learning more about the direction that would be best for me to head in. The coaching experience was terrific.
Mr. Borek was a great coach. Never directing, but being supportive in my desired efforts and outcomes. He made himself available to me if ever needed and that was very much appreciated. I would refer him to others without hesitation. Thank you so much!!!!
Ric Tinney, Leader and Entrepreneur,,Beeville, TX

Steve Borek had me focused on what was important. He was an accountability partner that helped me to progress toward growth after identifying key areas. I appreciated the chance to focus in on individual strengths and opportunities for improvement with strategies around growth each week.
Lindsay Daly, Leader, Youth Life Learning Center, Nashville, TN

Steve Borek was an excellent coach. His attitude was laid back, honestly interested in my success, and held me accountable every step of the way. His counsel helped me follow through on a paradigm change fostering personal growth & direction. As an individual with many options and talents, it can be hard to pursue a path that leads to genuine satisfaction within a career. Unhappy with where my choices had led me, Steve challenged me to not view my education & employment history as restrictions, but to seek out where I have naturally applied what I love to do within my previous endeavors. In addition, I felt that he really understood my situation and was able to give rational, accurate advice on how to help myself grow. Having Steve as a coach is an assurance to me that i will find my calling, as he found his in coaching others.
Andy Metz, Gen Y Leader, Nashville, TN

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