Employee Reviews for Small Businesses

Conducting employee reviews might seem like the type of thing reserved for larger businesses, but it is equally important for smaller business. You may even discover that frequent reviews are even more important for your small business. Larger businesses have a larger budget and can advertise for new employees online and in the newspaper, but you do not have the same budget. When you need to know how to save money on business expenses, you must learn more about conducting employee reviews. Conducting the reviews ensures that you only have the best employees working for you.

Employee reviews usually cover how an employee conducts himself or herself at work. Make note of how often the employee calls in sick, how often they leave work early and how often they are late to work. Some employers refer to the process as employee performance reviews because you review the employee’s work. You should also look at how the employee conduct themselves around others, which is why some have co-workers do one part of the review. This gives you an honest view of how others in your company regard that specific individual.

Business coaching courses normally focus on the importance of employee reviews. As a smaller business, your employees play an important role in how your business functions. If you have poor performing employees, then your business naturally suffers. In a smaller role, your employees each play a bigger part in the day-to-day operations. Even one person slacking off can cause major problems. By conducting reviews, you see which workers do the best jobs and which need help. That does not mean you should immediately fire those performing the worst, but it does give you an idea of what you need to do. You can offer a verbal warning after the review and give the employee time to make changes.

Employee reviews are often done annually, but monthly reviews are also helpful, especially for poor performers. Let the employee know that he or she has one month to make changes and if changes are not made, that person might not have a position within your company. The only way to protect your small business is with routine reviews. Think of the employee routines as your annual physical or check-up with your doctor. The check-up ensures that your body stays in peak operating condition and employee reviews ensure that your business stays in peak operating condition too.

Kimberly Dudley

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