Cut Down on Shipping Costs

It does not matter what type of business you own; you still spend a good portion of your budget on shipping expenses. Shipping expenses are especially important when you have a mail order business that involves shipping items to clients and customers. The costs are even higher for small businesses because they do not have access to the same programs and assistance as the larger companies. Whether you work out of your own home or have a dedicated office space, you still need to know how to save money and cut down on shipping costs.

One of the best ways to cut down on shipping costs is by shipping from your office space. Every time you make a drive to the post office, you lose money in gas and lose money by spending time away from the office. The United States Post Office offers a program where you can print your own shipping labels, affix those labels to the package, and arrange for a carrier to pick up the items. For smaller packages, you can even leave the items sitting out with your regular mail and the carrier takes them directly to the post office.

When using the post office, you can also request boxes for Priority Mail shipping and other types of shipping. Your carrier delivers the boxes to your home and can also bring shipping labels that work with different types of printers. The USPS launched the system as a type of web marketing that targeted online sellers. You do need a tape measure for measuring packages and ensuring that all packages meet the standard sizing guidelines and a scale, which determines the weight of each package. Once you have those tools, you are on your way to saving money on shipping costs.

In addition to USPS, you also have other options at your disposal. The post office does not ship larger items, but dedicated companies like Fed-Ex and UPS do ship those larger boxes. Contact your local company and ask about discounts or programs for small businesses. The programs let you save money by shipping multiple things through the carrier, even though you might not do as much business as some other larger companies in your areas. The carriers also let you ship packages that USPS does not, such as packages containing alcohol. Wine makers and vineyards use the companies on a daily basis to ensure that customers get their packages. There are many ways to save money when you own your own business. The key is knowing the right tools that are available for your specific needs.

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