Childcare Small Businesses

Do you love being around kids and have children of your own? If you answered, “yes”, then launching your own daycare business might be a good choice for you. Many daycare centers and afterschool programs in the country started because the owner needed a way to make money, while still raising children at home. Depending on where you live, you might come across problems relating to running a center from your home because many communities regulate the number of children one daycare can have at any one time. One of the first things you should do before marketing your daycare center is find out more about the regulations.

Many areas require that you have one adult provider for every six children in your care, though some let you have more or less children. This means that you cannot use your teenage child as a provider and that you must hire employees once you reach a certain number of children. Most areas also require that you have a license for working with children in a private setting. The state or city conducts a background check that ensures you have no felonies or convictions before giving you a license. You have the option of using your own home as a daycare center, or starting a daycare center in a storefront location.

The startup costs of a daycare small business owners relate to the things you need for the children. You must have toys and books for the children, a refrigerator for storing snacks, organizational tools, a computer, office equipment, and insurance on the building. If a child becomes hurt and you do not have insurance, you are responsible for the doctor or hospital visit. In most states, you can even lose your license by not providing adequate insurance. The insurance protects you and your building from any potential problems.

Running a daycare is a difficult job and not something suited for everyone. Even those that are great with children might find it hard to spend eight hours a day with a child. A similar program is an afterschool program, where you care for children until their parents pick them up after work. You still get to spend time with kids, but you limit your time to just a few hours every day. Using web marketing for your program provides a way to get in touch with parents and by adding a form, you can let parents apply to the programs you offer.

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