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The Online Marketing Age

AcQyro Marketing Plan

When you look at your business are you marketing effectively to reach your demographic? The methods of marketing have been a tool for business for ages but do you know which one to use and when? The internet now plays a huge role in the realm of marketing which is why you now need to think where those precious marketing dollars should be spent. Here are some insights in the marketing world:

Internet marketing: This form of marketing is what has been taking the business world by storm. Ecommerce and the ease of internet access has pushed the marketing world onto the internet. This is a great avenue to reach existing and potential clients daily. This piece of marketing has to do with websites, social networks, and online databases.

Outbound Marketing: The marketing all individuals think about is outbound marketing. This is your billboards, your fliers, coupons etc. The name of the game it to get as many eyeballs to see the offer as possible even if the target audience isn’t actively looking for your product or service.

AcQyro PPCInbound marketing: Search engine optimization. This facet of marketing has to do with making sure that the information for your business is readily available to consumers. This also means beating the competition so that when a potential customer searches for “plumbers” you are the plumber that comes up first in the search.

Offline marketing: This is a facet of traditional or outbound marketing and has to do with everything that is done offline. This includes door to door sales, renting a booth at a festival etc.

Newsletter marketing/ Email marketing: Many businesses have the option to sign up
for newsletters and those come in two forms: paper and email. These are used to grab attention and re-engage existing customers. The aim here is to increase revenues from a client base already interested in your product or service.

Search engine marketing (SEM): The most well known is Pay Per Click advertising. This is how businesses promote their product or service through paid ads on search engines such as Google.

Understanding how to effectively market your business is not easy. There tends to be a lot of trial and error but business owners need not fret there are professionals that can help in this arena. Always remember that a successful business owner knows that they are not experts in everything but will get the resources or enlist the help necessary to succeed.

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