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New Call Capture System

We are in the process of integrating a new call capture system. The new and improved technologies for the call capture will integrate with AcQyroFlo lead management system and Yurbi© business intelligence dashboards. The integration of these systems will bring to life the next generation AcQyro Customer Acquisition Platform with real time reporting. The platform […]

Can You Buy Marketing?

Marketing is an investment. Everyone has heard the saying that “it takes money to make money”. However, some people are starting to take this one step further. In the internet age, it’s natural for people to want to get more out of their business spending. By capitalizing on marketing tools that are available today, it […]

Contextually-Based Inbound Marketing

The term ‘contextually-based inbound marketing’ can seem intimidating if you’ve never heard of it. This type of marketing simply refers to strategies that are focused on content and using words instead of traditional media advertising. The goal is to reach out to people who are already interested in a product or service instead of trying […]

Office Equipment for Small Businesses

Small businesses might use fewer products than larger companies, but those smaller businesses still require the same type of equipment. If you open a traditional office, you need different equipment than if you open a boutique. When you write a business plan, you must include everything that you need for running your business. The equipment […]

Should I Change Credit Card Processing Companies? – Finding the Right Provider

The provider that offers your credit card processing services is the focus of your investment in the first place. While getting the right services and features matters, you have to also be sure that you’re getting them from a credit card processor that you can depend on. When you are in the market for a […]


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